The rights and wrongs of the media

The main focus of the 2016 Bildkorrekturen conference was the relation between digitalization and development. From 17th to 19th November, the conference offered young journalists and international guests a platform to deepen their knowledge about risks and benefits of the digital age and its influence on development.

  • Jochen Spangenberg, author of papers and reports dealing with digital media development topics, during his lecture

  • Verification is important, advised Spangenberg, in relation to the information sources for journalists

  • Examples of the current political international context

  • Spangenberg listened attentively to the questions of the audience

  • A student of the Deutsche Journalistenschule intervened in the debate

  • There was also the opportunity for a closer interaction with the students

  • After Spangenberg’s panel, journalism students gathered to put in practice the learned concepts

  • Eight groups were formed to work on data verification

  • Students could express their own opinions

  • On the last day, students from Deutsche Welle Akademie presented the highlights of the conference coverage

  • Several video products were the outcome of the constant work of young enthusiastic students before and during the conference

  • Experienced journalists and correspondents observed attentively the student’s products

  • Entertainment was not missing; a video clip illustrated the student’s „expert“ opinions about the German pretzel

  • Students were amused to see themselves on the video clip

  • Until the last moment, Deutsche Welle Akademie students covered the event

Web Master: Pamela Guachamin