Workshop: How to verify photos? Which opportunities does GoogleMaps offer?

It is important to verify photos before using them, as the most obvious things do not necessarily have to be true. This was one of the main messages of Jochen Spangenberg. After his speech at Correcting Images 2016 (Bildkorrekturen 2016) the participants started to work in eight teams.

The first task consisted in finding out the setting of different photos. The group members found the solution by googeling names, advertisement signs or other things they could see on the pictures. Moreover they payed attention to the architecture and landscape which could give hints about the location. The second task was all about locating places and sights with the help of mapping and streetviewing tools.

The students were very interested in the workshops and had fun completing the tasks. Most of them had no experience in checking whether pictures are fake or not. They recognized how important it is to always check even pictures critically. Manipulating pictures has become way easier in the last years and is therefore more and more common among all the mass of information every day. Unfortunately there was a lack of time, so it was hard to complete everything punctually.

What about you? Are you well equipped for handling UGC / content from social networks and its verification? Try it out!

Observation challenge
Geolocation challenge

The author of this challenges offers also a variety of other essential newsgathering and verification resources for journalists.

Striking: When it comes to searching engines and adequate online platforms to fulfill such tasks, Google obviously dominates the market. It is scary how much power the company has.