The events keep going

In the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum in Leipzig, the Bildkorrekturen activities continue for the second day. There were three panel discussions scheduled, each of them with different topics related to digitalization and focusing on Kenya, India and Estonia, respectively.

  • Opening of the second day of Bildkorrekturen 2016

  • Martin Emmer at the Keynote III: Digitalization and the Possibilities of Participation

  • Students of Bamberg University during the panel „Kenya: Digitalization & Media“

  • Malak Qamhieh / DW Akademie Mobile Journalism coverage

  • Students from the Deutsche Journalistenschule opening the Kenya panel

  • Levy Obonyo, professor of communication in Nairobi, presenting the Kenya panel

  • Rahul Mukherji, professor of political science at Heidelberg University, presenting the India panel

  • Martin Emmer and Levy Obonyo

  • Nahla Mohamdadein / DW Akademie media coverage team

  • Estonia panel with the students from Leipzig University

  • Participants of the panel „Kenya: Digitalization & Media“

  • The Leipzig University students‘ introduction for the panel „Kenya: Digitalization & Media“

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