„Mind the gap“ is the slogan Bildkorrekturen conference uses to establish the need to develop communication and media literacy among populations worldwide. The first conference day opened with several welcome speeches from the events leaders, managers and VIP’s. They all agreed on the importance to have well informed people and exceptional journalists, as well as the main role digital technologies play shaping the world.

  • Bamberg students ready to enjoy the conference

  • ARD New Delhi representative and India panelist enjoying the encounter

  • Conference room ready for the panelists

  • Some of the conference’s VIP

  • Full house at the panels

  • Markus Behmer explaining how new technologies have changed the world

  • Nayla Fawsi sharing her excitement about the conference

  • Professors of Leipzig University on the importance of young generations journalistic training

  • Sabine Witt on behalf of Engagement Global, the most important sponsor of Bildkorrekturen

  • Ready to give live coverage

  • Networking and speed dating

  • Students sharing their educational experience

  • Eric Chinje: „African countries don’t follow the media narrative of poverty“

  • Students openly questioning the panelist about their topics

  • Eric Chinje and his magnificent speech style

  • Public Panel Discussion: Development through digitalization

  • Mobile journalism: IMS students broadcasting live

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