IMS students get ready

The 2016 IMS students from Deutsche Welle Akademie of Bonn prepare their tasks for Bildkorrekturen Conference 2016 in Leipzig.

  • IMS Students come from 23 different countries

  • Some information before leaving Bonn

  • Most IMS students have important professional experience on the field

  • Teamwork is the basis of our project

  • Hardworking teams

  • English and German are the work languages

  • Moderator practicing for the conference

  • Deutsche Welle equipment is being used at the conference

  • Laughing makes the work easier

  • Concentration to do things well

  • Smartphones is the trend to be live

  • Each member of the team has concrete tasks

  • Getting ready for the first live report

  • The webmaster team defining details

  • Some members of the group receiving instructions

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