Panel 2 (Afternoon): Vietnam – Media coverage on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in local and urban communities

Media coverage on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in local and urban communities

Philipp Abresch

Philipp Abresch

… is a filmmaker and presenter, working for German public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) in Hamburg. For the past 10 years Philipp was based in Asia. He was bureau chief and correspondent of ARD’s East & South East Asia bureaus in Tokyo and Singapore. Among the stories he covered were the red-shirt-protests in Bangkok, the triple disaster in Japan and the ongoing crisis in Fukushima as well as the very first free elections in Myanmar. During this time, he regularly travelled to North and South Korea, to Taiwan and all across South East Asia. His documentary „Long Thanh wants to smile“ about a young Vietnamese boy affected by Agent Orange was nominated for an International Emmy Award in 2016.Philipp is founder of Photos of Hope, a worldwide documentary project with disposable cameras that encourages young people to take and share snapshots of their life.

Le Trung Khoa

Brunna Marques Duarte

…Vietnam has more than 800 state television, radio and newspaper publishers under control of the Communist Party of Vietnam, propaganda and the education of the Party’s Central Committees, the Ministry of Information and Communications. Private newspaper is prohibited. As a result, detailed information about Vietnam in general and Hoi An in detail is not fully and in detail published in the service of the sustainable development of this city. Citizens use social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube and other international media abroad to spread or get to know real life stories.
Le Trung Khoa is a Vietnamese with a German press pass. He writes about sensitive issues in the field of economics, society and politics in Vietnam, about which state media report little or no. His reports always use real documents as evidence to bring true information to readers and viewers. The online newspaper „“, where he works both as a reporter and editor-in-chief, has a total of approximately 30 million clicks per month, of which 80% are readers from Vietnam.
His contribution in this conference is on „Hoi An, versatile perspective“.